The Protégé Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition System

The Protégé Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition System.

Protégé is a free, open source ontology editor and knowledge-base framework.

The Protégé platform supports two main ways of modeling ontologies via the Protégé-Frames and Protégé-OWL editors. Protégé ontologies can be exported into a variety of formats including RDF(S), OWL, and XML Schema. (more)

Protégé is based on Java, is extensible, and provides a plug-and-play environment that makes it a flexible base for rapid prototyping and application development. (more)


Ontology Development 101 – general ontology development guidelines, helpful hints, etc.
Protégé multi-user mode – setup and use of the multi-user client/server capabilities
Collaborative Protégé – a Protégé extension to support collaborative ontology development
WebProtégé – a lightweight web-based version of the Protégé ontology editor
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Protege Ontology Library!

This page is organized into the following groupings:

If your ontology is available in multiple formats, please feel free to link to it from multiple sections.

Library examples:

More links here

Protégé conferences
The 11th International Protégé Conference will be held June 23-26, 2009 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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