Extracción de datos 1

Sobre el tema de la extracción de datos en la web realizaré varios posts donde gestione la información sobre las actividades realizadas.
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  • Herramientas para la extracción y análisis: Python / RubyGems / networkX/ y otros

Datamining Twitter: Part 1 Creating a Database – Twitter Research.

Datamining Twitter

posted May 13, 2010 1:42 PM by Thomas Plotkowiak   [ updated Mar 2, 2012 7:11 AM ]

In this short tutorial you will learn how to collect tweets using ruby and only two gems.
It is part of a series where I will show you what fantastic things you can do with twitter these days, if you love mining data :)The first gem I would like to introduce is sequel. It is a lightweight ORM layer that allows to to intterface a couple of of a databases in ruby without pain. It works great with mysql or sqlite. We will use sqlite today.I have been using mysql in combination wit rails and the nice activerecord ORM, but for the most tasks it is a bit too bulky. The problem with Sqlite can be though that it does not provide multitasking capabilities. But we will bump into that later…

To get you started have a visit on http://sequel.rubyforge.org/ and have a look on the example. They are pretty straight forward. I can also recommend the cheatsheet under: http://sequel.rubyforge.org/rdoc/files/doc/cheat_sheet_rdoc.html

Herramientas: SEQUEL – Rubyforce


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