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junio 17, 2010

Pop Up window Bookmarklet Enhancement

Opens a Pop Up window for EASY Posting!

Full description:

SPECIAL NOTE!!  Please Rename the Folder in this Zip file AFTER you have Backed Up your Original Bookmarks Folder in the /mod directory. The folder in this ZIP file once you put it in the /mod directory must be Re-named to: bookmarks I want to give thanks for an idea that started with Ping.FM and their Bookmarklet Pop Up Window code. Like all things create a BackUp of the original Elgg Bookmark Folder in the Mod directory if you ever want to go back to that one. Just Unzip the folder bookmarks_PopUp into your /mod directory and go into Admin to enable and turn on the plugin. Then you go back to your bookmarklet page and you need to re-install your bookmarklet to your browser tested works in Firefox and IE 8 and now you got a Pop Up Window! I am looking for someone to add to this create a Auto Close with a slight Delay like Facebook has or and Scuttle. Please let me know if you can do this!

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Como crear un bookmarklet

junio 13, 2010

Un Bookmarklet es un marcador del navegador (elemento de Favoritos en si usas Internet Explorer) que en vez de contener una dirección de internet contiene una llamada javascript.

Lo que hacemos con esta técnica es forzar que el navegador ejecute un codigo javascript que nosotros le indicamos cada vez que el usuario clicka en ese marcador.

Esto puede ser usado de forma personal para todo: cambiar el DOM, los estilos de la web, buscar dentro del documento, etc… pero para lo que más nos sirve, como desarrolladores web es para ofrecer la posibilidad de enviar a nuestra página la url o datos de lo que está viendo el usuario.

Esta técnica es muy usada por agregadores o redes de marcadores sociales para facilitar la vida al usuario capturando la página que está viendo y enviandola directamente a la url del site que debe recogerla.

Como crear un bookmarklet.

Browsers and Authoring Tools – W3C

abril 19, 2010


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Web agents are intended to serve users. In this section you will find information useful when designing browsers and authoring tools, as well as search engine bots, aggregators, and inference engines.Browsers The most common tool to access the Web is the browser. This is the focal point of many technologies. Authoring Tools The Web gave the possibility for each of us to create content at a low cost and without too much constraints.

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