ieml. Pierre Levy

abril 7, 2009

IEML: Computational semantics in the service of collective intelligence

The vision behind the IEML (Information Economy MetaLanguage) initiative.

By Prof. Pierre Lévy
Fellow of the Royal Society (Academy of Sciences) of Canada
Director of the Canada Research Chair in Collective Intelligence
University of Ottawa

Text translated by Michele Healy

The semantic interoperability problem

The universe of communication opened up to us by the interconnection of digital data and automatic manipulators of symbols – in other words, cyberspace – henceforth constitutes the virtual memory of collective human intelligence. Yet, at the symbolic level, important obstacles hinder digital memory from working fully in the service of an optimal management of knowledge. These obstacles can be decomposed into two interdependent sub-groups.

The first one concerns the multiplicity and the incompatibility of symbolic systems:


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