How to Teach Online: Teaching Online using WiZiQ

noviembre 9, 2009

WiZiQ is a web based education platform, powered by teachers. We try hard to make WiZiQ, a teacher friendly tool : simple, effective and relevant for the teachers. We continuously improve, adding and refining features based on the teacher’s feedback. If you want to teach students online or network with other teachers and experts across the world, then Join WiZiQ for Free, Now.

WiZiQ is amongst the best online teaching solution in the world and integrates the following set of online tools :

Synchronous [live] and asynchronous teaching through Virtual Classroom, Online Tests, Content Sharing and Messaging System.
Online Classes, Online Tests, Educational Content, Contact and Payment Management.

Teacher Profile, Public Classes, Public Tests, Public Content, Sharing/ Inviting Contacts, Posting to Social Bookmarking Websites.












How to Teach Online: Teaching Online using WiZiQ.